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UFO activity group says about 95% of reported activity in skies are explainable


f you are looking for UFOs in the skies over Texas, you will probably have plenty of work to do but will likely ended up disappointed. That's according to a retired military officer who has spent the last decade investigating strange phenomena similar to the balloons shot down by the US military.

Retired Army lieutenant colonel Ken Jordan is the Texas director of MUFON – the Mutual UFO Network, a nonprofit made up of civilians who study reported UFO sightings.

"People don't realize what is going on over their heads on a daily basis," he said.

That overhead activity includes balloons, drones, and other natural occurrences. Last year the Pentagon established an office to investigate the hundreds of UFO reports that couldn't otherwise be explained. The All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office issued its second report in January detailing 171 incidents that otherwise can't be explained.

The increase in sightings is no surprise to Jordan.

"We get close to 300 reports a month," he said.

Congress is investigating the potential threat to national security because of these Unidentified Arial Phenomena (UAP). The increased sightings have also led amateur sleuths to join organizations similar to MUFON.

Jordan says that his organization can identify 95% of the reports made to MUFON much to the disappointment of the group's new members.

"It's one of our biggest heartbreaking things we have to do is to tell someone ‘I'm sorry but what you saw was Venus’ or was a Chinese sky lantern or something like that. We would love to be able to tell everybody that of for sure you saw a UFO."

Even so, Jordan says UFO enthusiasts shouldn't be discouraged and should continue reporting incidents they see without fear of being stigmatized.